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  • "I was doing my own investing and the returns I was getting don't compare to what I am getting now. Stonebrooke has been nothing short of amazing. "

    W. Ted, Retired

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  • "Life before Stonebrooke was uncertain - my financial life. I never knew if my portfolio was performing well given how the markets were performing, I didn't know if it was outperforming it. I didn't have a point of reference. More importantly I just didn't feel like I was connected to the people who were managing my money. (At Stonebrooke) we spent time talking about what was going on in the market, why it is going on, how it affects the portfolio, where it might be going, and the implications of all that and how it fits into the philosophy that we had agreed on. It's a very powerful thing and worth the price of admission right there. "

    A. George, Executive Coach

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